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School-Based Programs
School-Based Programs

During & After School Programs

The program is designed to provide youth with the opportunity to expand their social skills through informational psychosocial groups and structured therapeutic activities. The during school program typically serves youth who have:

  • abbreviated school schedules
  • alternative educational placements
  • been suspended or expelled from school

The after school program provides structured therapeutic services during the hours directly following the school day.

Summer Program

The summer program is available in all seven counties we serve and incorporates psychosocial group, as well as structured therapeutic activities. The program strives to enhance the youth’s quantity and quality of social skills, coping skills, behavior, and attitude. The summer program provides services to those youth who need continued intensive services to maintain appropriate skills during the summer months; a factor in their behavioral success for the upcoming fall school term.


We provide school-based services to any child who is a client of Crosswinds in the seven counties. Once the referral has been received and approved, the parent/guardian of the child will receive a phone call from the School-Based Program Coordinator.


The family will be invited to an orientation and will receive a tour of the program, an explanation of the rules and expectations, and complete any and all necessary paperwork. A start date will be determined after this has been completed.