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Prevention and Support
Prevention and Support

CrossWinds has an array of educational, support, and prevention services that are available to parents & families, individuals, employers, and the community.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Head Start & Early Head Start Consultation

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Clinic

The FAS Clinic is a collaborative multidisciplinary diagnostic team that provides services through the Flint Hills Community Health Center. We refer clients to this service. The team evaluates children and adolescents for prenatal exposure to drugs and/or alcohol.


A service offered to community agencies (public safety, schools, private corporations, hospitals, etc) following a traumatic event (witness to trauma, unexpected death, natural disaster, etc). This is a onetime meeting that typically would occur between 48-72 hours of the event with any members of the organization that want to benefit from the service or that is requested to attend by their supervisor. These individuals are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings with the group and allowed time to meet one on one with a qualified provider if necessary. Typical responses and ways to reduce the effects of trauma are also reviewed.

Disaster Response Team

A team of appropriately trained professionals from within our seven county communities that are utilized to respond to traumatic events (natural disasters, mass health crises, etc). These members work closely with the local county emergency management personnel and respond when this person requests them to. They provide onsite support to those impacted by the traumatic event.