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CrossWinds Celebrates One Year Since Re-branding

It has been a year since CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness changed its name and began an extensive rebranding campaign — one which is proving quite successful.

“The name change and rebranding has gone very well,” Rob Runquist, CrossWinds CEO said. “It has been a really good year.”

An elaborate marketing campaign has allowed CrossWinds to connect with the community in different ways — leading to an increase in new consumers. The number of individuals seeking services from CrossWinds has increased from 1,640 individuals in 2016 to 1,848 so far this year.

“We have had 287 brand new clients since Jan. 1,” Dorothy Stevenson, administrative assistant said. “The marketing is working and more people are learning about how we can help.”

From Facebook to commercials, CrossWinds is striving to reach and connect with the community. One marketing technique has been particularly beneficial for the agency — mobile billboards — in the form of a large fleet of vehicles emblazoned with the CrossWinds logo.

CrossWinds began leasing the vehicles with their logos as a way to hopefully save money on mileage reimbursements. Not only have they saved money, but the cars have started numerous discussions and raised awareness about the agency and services provided.

“The thing I hear the most about is the cars,” Stevenson said. “They are everywhere and people see them and want to know what CrossWinds is and what we do. The cars have been wonderful.”

“I told you before we were hoping to save $1,200 a month by leasing the cars,” Runquist said. “I was wrong about that. We are actually saving close to $2,000 a month with the cars. And they are mobile billboards. They have really been a win-win for us.”

In the last year satellite offices have also been established to reduce drive time for consumers and employees both. There are now CrossWinds locations in Lyon, Coffey, Greenwood, Osage and Morris counties. This ensures consumers can access services without lengthy commutes.

“Now pretty much anyone can get to any location within 35 minutes,” Runquist said. “It is more convenient and has cut down on no-show appointments, too.”

CrossWinds continues to look for efficiencies to improve the CrossWinds experience for community members. They have recently transitioned to electronic medical record keeping and are utilizing new technologies to streamline the intake process.

To continue building relationships in the community, a new program — Connecting with CrossWinds — has started. Connecting with CrossWinds is a one-hour gathering focused on expanding community knowledge of CrossWinds.

“We want the community involved,” Clarice Podrebarac, marketing and outreach director, said. “Connecting with CrossWinds will give them a better knowledge of the services we provide, testimonials from people who have experienced those services and a much better idea of how we connect with and help the community.”

To attend a Connecting with CrossWinds event, call Podrebarac or Stevenson at 343-2211 or visit