Medication Services

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To assist in treatment, CrossWinds offers appointments with our medication prescribers at our Medication Clinic located at 1601 State Street in Emporia. Additionally, we offer televideo services in multiple locations, ask if they’re available in your area. Medication often works well in collaboration with therapy and we are pleased to offer both.

Our Philosophy

We believe that medication can be a vital component to recovery and mental wellness. For convenience, CrossWinds also offers an in-house pharmacy.


For Ages
4 Years Old +

Session Times
15 - 60 Minutes

1601 State Street, Emporia, KS

Additional Locations
Ask about availability in your area

What to Expect at our Medication Clinic

The whole person approach

Psychiatrists and nurses are available to provide consultation and treatment with medications to help you better manage your mental wellness. Medications are prescribed to treat mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety disorders.

Medication Prescriptions

CrossWinds contracts Genoa Healthcare to provide a full-service, on-site pharmacy for clients of CrossWinds. Genoa gives you the option of filling all of your medications, including those prescribed by primary care physicians and outside providers, in the privacy and convenience of the CrossWinds Medication clinic.


Medication Clinic FAQs