Frequently Asked

  • Additional topics & questions
  • What if I need help right away?
  • If you or someone you know is in need of immediate mental health care, please call 620-343-2211 or 911. For emergencies that occur after hours call 620-343-2626.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
  • To schedule an appointment please call CrossWinds at 620-343-2211, or use our online appointment request form at the top of the page. New clients will be referred to Client Registration Services to schedule an assessment appointment
  • What do I need to bring?
  • Identification
    Insurance card
    Verification of household income (w2s or pay stubs)
    List of medications
    Guardianship/legal paperwork
  • Will insurance cover my appointments?
  • We encourage you to contact your insurance company to determine what will be covered based on your specific plan. Most insurances cover a portion of therapy and medication services.
  • How are fees determined?
  • CrossWinds accepts many different insurances, including private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. Uninsured clients may qualify for sliding scale fees based on household size and income. You will be asked during registration to provide insurance information and proof of income in order to determine your rate of payment. Fees vary based on the services you receive.
  • What types of providers are available?
  • We employ a variety of providers including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional counselors to ensure that we can offer you the most effective, caring, innovative and efficient support for your mental wellness.
  • What types of therapies are available?
  • CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness provides prevention and support tools, educational resources, counseling and treatment options, and class offerings that can help you begin to manage the circumstances of daily life. Additionally, we have therapists trained in areas such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Talk with your therapist at your initial appointment if you have a specific area of interest.