Family & Marriage Counseling

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Family and Marriage counseling focuses on helping people with relationships. From two individuals to a large group, We offer guidance through whatever relationship issue you’re dealing with by exploring the family dynamics and how the symptoms affect each member.

Our Philosophy

We believe that with the proper tools and guidance that families will re-establish connections, heal and restore communication, and enhance the overall relationships involved.


For Ages
All Ages

Session Times
30 - 90 minutes

Available in all CrossWinds' Counties

What to Expect at Marriage & Family Counseling Sessions

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling brings a married, engaged, dating, or partnered couple together with a counselor who will provide you with the tools to address and manage areas of conflict or dissatisfaction in your relationship. A counselor will work collaboratively with the couple to determine a course of action designed to meet their unique needs with the ultimate goal of improved communication and conflict resolution.

Family Counseling

Family counseling involves bringing several members of a family together with a counselor who will teach them how to better resolve conflicts, process traumatic events, and a variety of other issues. Family counseling can involve some or all members of a family depending on each unique situation.

Couples counseling

Family & Marriage Counseling FAQs