Crisis Management

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We serve individuals experiencing mental health crisis by providing immediate, short-term services with a goal of connecting individuals to appropriate longer-term services. Our crisis management services are available 24/7 with after-hours options and Mobile Crisis Response.

Our Philosophy

Founded on compassion, accesability, collaboration, and empowerment. We prioritize timely, compassionate support to individuals in crisis, ensuring accesability 24/7.


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24/7 -  day or night, year round

Available in all CrossWinds' Counties

What to expect when accessing crisis services

Crisis Supports

Accessing crisis services typically involves reaching out through hotlines or helplines, where trained professionals offer immediate assistance. CrossWinds also provides mobile crisis response as well as walk-in services for individuals in crisis, allowing someone to speak with mental health professionals without prior appointments. In critical cases, individuals may go to the emergency room, where staff can assess the situation and connect them with appropriate mental health services.

Mobile Crisis

Mobile crisis teams in mental health offer rapid response and on-the-spot intervention for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Comprised of trained professionals, these teams assess the situation, provide de-escalation and support, and offer crisis counseling. They collaborate with emergency services, refer individuals to appropriate resources, and ensure a seamless connection to ongoing mental health care within the community. The goal is to address crises promptly while promoting community-based and individualized support.


Crisis Services FAQs