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Connecting with CrossWinds
Connecting with CrossWinds

Join us for a tour of the CrossWinds center to learn about our programs and services. You’ll hear from distinguished members from our leadership team and hear testimonials from those we serve.

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A Connecting with CrossWinds Ambassador introduces people in the community to the CrossWinds Center by inviting them to attend our Connecting with CrossWinds Tour. The qualifications are simple; you are passionate about our mission of removing barriers, restoring lives, and responding to community needs.

Being an Ambassador is one of the easiest and most important ways you can serve the mission of CrossWinds. Ambassadors are short-term volunteers who are asked to complete the following within 3-6 months:

  1. Attend at least one Connecting with CrossWinds tour.
  2. Attend an Ambassador 101 Orientation.
  3. Recruit ten or more guests to attend the Connecting with CrossWinds tour, or host our Connecting with CrossWinds tour at your office, school, community group or home.
  4. Recruit one person to take your place as an Ambassador.

For more information about the Ambassador Program, please email Clarice Podrebarac, Development Specialist, or call 620-343-2211.