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By Jessie Wagoner jessie@emporia.com Jan 14, 2017 Updated Jan 14, 2017 When an individual experiences a psychiatric emergency and is a danger to themselves or others, they will receive the most appropriate healthcare in a psychiatric hospital. However, the number of beds available at psychiatric… Read More

By Jessie Wagoner jessie@emporia.comDec 23, 2016 Editors note: We have had several readers present questions about the CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness vehicles they have seen around town. We have attempted to answer all questions that have been asked. Q. How can CrossWinds afford new vehicles… Read More

By Jessie Wagoner jessie@emporia.com Dec 17, 2016 CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness has experienced a busy year. Funding cuts, a name change and a new chief executive officer all played a part. “We have had a lot of changes this year,” CEO Rob Runquist said. “Probably… Read More

CrossWinds Reaches out to Legislators By Jessie Wagoner jessie@emporia.com   CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness hosted its annual legislative reception on Wednesday evening. While the reception is a long-standing tradition, this year’s reception was quite different from previous years. This year, in addition to inviting local… Read More

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Evaluations & Testing

Evaluations & Testing

Psychological Evaluation & Testing Members of our staff are available to conduct psychological examinations and to provide detailed reports on the findings. These evaluations may be for mental wellness issues or substance abuse issues. Contact us for more information about evaluations and testing options available that are… Learn More

Medication Services

Medication Services

Our Medication Clinic makes psychiatrists and nurses available who can provide consultation and treatment with medications to help you better manage your mental wellness. Genoa Pharmacy Genoa provides a full-service, on-site pharmacy for clients of CrossWinds. The pharmacy is located at the Medication Clinic, 104 E. 8th… Learn More